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Hi, I'm
Leo Giesen

  • committedly studying Information Systems at Westphalian Wilhelms-University Münster
  • ambitious student consultant at move e. V.
  • enthusiastic student assistant for Dr Chasin for IT projects and research

About Me

I have been eager to learn about computer science and economics for years, which is why I do personal projects like this website.
In order to put my insights into practice I started working at move and for Dr. Chasin at the chair of Information Systems, which fostered my analytical and conceptional abilities. Through the commitment of two jobs while studying, I displayed resilience and stamina.
In my projects at move I developed a strength in communication and teamwork because of the intense work together. From those projects and my course of study I acquired the skill of goal orientated work, great time management and precise project planning because it is key in a successful realization of one’s work.

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What I can do for you



I love making websites with HTML, CSS, JS, PHP and frameworks because of the creativity you can apply to design and animations.
In addition, I have other abilities concerning web development like Search Engine Optimization, subsequently I know my around building and launching a website successfully.



Since the beginning of my course of study, I have worked with Java a lot and learned to use Generics, λ, JUnit, Threads and GUI in the first semester.


During my time at school I started learning Python in my freetime and I have enjoyed continuously working with it at university.

Additionally, I learned other programming languages like SQL and R in university and am open to learn other ones.

Strategic Planning &
Process Management

Strategic Planning & Process Management

Strategic Planning and Process Management are key fields in my course of study, which I enjoy working with because it structurizes a project and gives you control over the project situation.
Further, I have experience working in a SCRUM-context. Additionally I enjoy to structurize processes with BPMN. I acquired that skill during my studies and applied it in a Customer Self-Onboarding project at SEPAone and an additional SCRUM workshops at it-economics and Lufthansa Industry Solutions .

Projects &

Projects & Teamwork

At move I developed great communication skills and learned how to contribute an innovative perspective to foster productive teamwork. I am able to support projects with my understanding about law and economics, which I developed at several internships at law firms and my course of study valuing a deep economical knowledge.